A Pokemon Hunter Character that suits Your Personality


Who does not know Pokemon Go? Later, Pokemon hunting games re-aggressive. Pokemon is now packaged in digital versions. You as a search Pokemon or Pokemon Master should be diligent out of the house to win more Pokemon.

If you look around, apparently Pokemon Master characters in the anime have a match that is similar to our personality all you know. What character suits your personality? Come on, listen.

  1. You are ambitious to match the character of Ash Ketchum.

Ash Ketchum or in the Japanese version is Satoshi always ambitious to be the best master Pokemon in the world. Though ambitious, he is notoriously tough and has many friends. Ash Ketcum has a favorite Pokemon that has always been the icon of this series, namely Pikachu

2. Not ashamed to learn from defeat or error? Means you match Brock.


Brock aka Takeshi once defeated Ash Ketcum in an official gym fight. Learning from defeat, he later became a follower of Ash. He learned to be better after losing a fight. It suits you who dare to learn from the defeat of the past to rise to a better one.

3. Not easy to trust with others? You mean May!

May alias Haruka used to not like Pokemon. He is not easy to believe with the influence of others. After seeing for himself, he came to believe that Pokemon was fun. He became  interested in Pokemon when he saw the contest with his own eyes.

4. Loyalty type really fits with Misty.

Misty aka Kasumi is Ash’s first friend. It’s a loyal kind of friend. The proof, he accompanies Ash in five series Pokemon series. Who was impressed with Misty’s voice?

5. You who introvert and tend to like to observe others match Tracey Sketchit.

Tracey Sketchit or Kenji did not join the Pokemon fighter. He only analyzes and loves watching Pokemon battles. He became Prof. Oak’s assistant.

6. Have a good planning soul? It feels like you are Dawn.

Dawn alias Hikari is a Pokemon trainer and travel coordinator Ash ketchum. He became a travel planner in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. He is good at coordinating and planning trips. You who have a soul like this seem to fit in with Dawn.

7. Soul ‘wild’, cheerful and cool. Congratulations … you are really Iris!

Iris, the new character in the Pokemon series, is portrayed as a wild girl whose hobbies are swinging in trees. This character fits really well with you personally fun and broken. You are wild and like a challenge is also very similar to Iris.


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